Supercle Cat Apron

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 The Comfort of a Cuddle & Fur-Free Outfit!

Being a cat parent often means trading clean clothes for cuddles. Traditional carriers are bulky, and holding your cat results in stray hairs on your outfit. We believe cat parents deserve a solution that combines convenience, comfort, and cleanliness.

Designed with a convenient kangaroo-like pouch, this apron allows you to carry your cat with ease while keeping your clothes hair-free. No more worrying about stray hairs on your shirt or pants! 

Made from high-quality, breathable material, this apron is not only durable but also easy to clean and dry. Its adjustable neck size ensures a comfortable fit for most cats of different sizes (Maximum 15 Pounds or 7 Kg), providing a cozy and secure space for your furry friend
Embrace cuddles and say goodbye to fur-filled clothing! With our innovative Cat Apron, you can keep your cats close and your outfit spotless. Don't wait, upgrade your cat-parent experience today!
Convenient Carrier ☁
The Supercle Cat Apron's unique kangaroo-like pouch design offers a hassle-free, hands-free way to carry your cat with you wherever you go.

Hair-Free Clothes 😎
Say goodbye to stray hairs on your clothes. This apron catches them all, keeping you looking neat and presentable!

Adjustable and Durable 💯
Made from high-quality, breathable material, our cat apron is easy to clean, dry, and adjust to fit most pets of different sizes.
  • Wash by hand or machine in cold to lukewarm water (not exceeding 40°c)
  • For machine washing, make sure to use a gentle cycle
  • Opt for extremely mild detergents (suitable for wool/silk)
  • Do not use the tumble dry setting
  • Avoid washing with other colored fabrics
  • Ironing is not recommended
To keep your Supercle Cat Apron feeling soft and cuddly for the longest time possible, we suggest hand washing in cool water.

Our Cat Apron is designed with a one-size-fits-most approach, ensuring it's a comfortable fit for most cat parents 🤗. Moreover, the built-in pocket is capable of safely and snugly accommodating cats up to a maximum weight of 15 pounds 💪

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