Supercle Tiny Bear Water Fountain

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Where Elegance Meets Hydration! 🐻💧

Stay pawsome with the freshest hydration partner around! Our wireless Tiny Bear fountain promises continuous access to crystal-clear water, all while being irresistibly adorable. Sporting a 2.2L tank, it’s your week-long solution for your cat's thirst.

Worried about battery life? A swift 3-hour Type-C boost and you’re set for the entire month. That’s right – 30 days of non-stop hydration without a second thought.

Silent but mighty, its ultra-quiet 30dB function means more peace for you and uninterrupted sips for your kitty.

The cherry on top? An advanced four-layer filter to ensure that every drop is as pure as your cat's love. Dive into a world where hydration is not just simple, but also stylish. Cheers, cat lovers! 🐾💕

Smart Sensing Technology
Its wireless sensor detects your cat's approach, turning on the fountain automatically for a fresh drink every time they're near

Crystal Clear Filtration
With a four-layer filtration system, every drop is purified, ensuring that your cat sips only the cleanest, purest water.

Wireless Wonder
Set it anywhere without the hassle of cords. Flexibility and freedom, all in one!

Generous Capacity
Our 2.2L tank ensures your furry friend has access to fresh water around the clock. That’s a week of hydration for most adult cats without refilling.

Quick & Efficient Charging
A swift 3-hour Type-C charge gives you a month of use. That's uninterrupted, 30-day hydration at its finest.

Whisper-Quiet Serenity
With a 30dB operation, it’s so silent that you’ll forget it’s even running.

1. Why isn’t water flowing after turning on the fountain?
Ensure the water reaches the minimum level mark. By default, the fountain starts in sensing mode. Tap the ON button to alternate to intermittent spring mode and then check if water flows properly.

2. How can I tell if the flashing light indicates a low battery or a filter change?
a. A flashing red light indicates a low battery, which remains steadily red while charging, and turns off when charged. b. A light that blinks every 15 days indicates it's time to replace the filter (the light color matches the current mode). To reset the filter's countdown timer during its initial use, press the ON button thrice.

3. How will I know when the fountain is fully charged?
Typically, a full charge is achieved in around 3 hours. A continuous red light shows during charging, which goes off once the charging is complete.

4. What's the battery lifespan per charge?
In induction mode, and with about 20 uses daily, the battery should last between 30 to 45 days. However, this is an approximate duration and might vary depending on usage.

5. Which parts of the water fountain are safe to dismantle and clean?
All parts, except the external water pump module, can be removed and cleaned. For the water pump, just wipe it down with a damp cloth and let it air dry. The water guide pipe on the pump can be detached and washed. To prevent scaling, consider replacing it every 90 days, especially if it's not cleaned thoroughly.

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