Smart Sensing Technology
Its wireless sensor detects your cat's approach, turning on the fountain automatically for a fresh drink every time they're near

Crystal Clear Filtration
With a four-layer filtration system, every drop is purified, ensuring that your cat sips only the cleanest, purest water.

Wireless Wonder
Set it anywhere without the hassle of cords. Flexibility and freedom, all in one!

Generous Capacity
Our 2.2L tank ensures your furry friend has access to fresh water around the clock. That’s a week of hydration for most adult cats without refilling.

Quick & Efficient Charging
A swift 3-hour Type-C charge gives you a month of use. That's uninterrupted, 30-day hydration at its finest.

Whisper-Quiet Serenity
With a 30dB operation, it’s so silent that you’ll forget it’s even running.