Chirpy Chase - Interactive Bird Cat Toy

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 The ultimate interactive bird cat toy with a self-holding base

As a cat parent, you want to provide your furry friend with the best possible playtime experience. Our interactive bird toy offers just that, by providing your cat with an engaging and stimulating experience that mimics the thrill of hunting.

This cat toy features a realistic bird design, with feathers and a wire that flutters around as your cat paws and plays with the toy. The self-holding base ensures that the toy stays in place and can stand on its own, providing endless entertainment for your cat.

But the benefits don't stop there. Our toy also helps to keep your cat mentally and physically active, preventing boredom and behavioral issues that can arise from lack of stimulation. It also helps to improve your cat's hunting skills and keep them entertained for hours.

So, if you're a cat parent who wants to provide your furry friend with the ultimate interactive and stimulating playtime experience, this cat toy is the perfect solution. Order yours today and watch as your cat's natural instincts come to life.


Provides an engaging and stimulating experience that mimics the thrill of hunting

Helps prevent boredom and behavioral issues

Keeps cats mentally and physically active

Provides hours of entertainment for your cat

Safe for cats to play with.

A self-holding base, a wire and a bird attached at the end. As your cat paws and plays with the bird, the wire flutters and it creates the perfect real-life bird impression that gives even more drift and attraction for your cat to play and attack.

The suction cup base can be attached horizontally and vertically to any flat and hard surface such as hardwood floors or windows.

Realistic bird design with bells

1x Suction cup base

1x Wire

5x Replacement birds

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