Supercle Cat Recovery Collar

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The Recovery Collar Your Cat Won't Mind Wearing

Say goodbye to those old, rigid, and unattractive plastic cones! Our Supercle Cat Recovery Collar is designed not just for effectiveness but also for your cat's comfort and style. Choose from adorable designs like an orange, peach, milk carton, or onigiri for a recovery experience that's both effective and Instagram-worthy!

This collar is specially designed with a wider diameter to keep your cat from licking or scratching wounds on their lower limbs. Perfect for after surgery or for treating skin issues, it's a safe and stylish way to help your kitty heal.

Prevents Wound Licking 🩹
The wider diameter keeps your cat from reaching wounds on their lower limbs, ensuring a faster and safer healing process.

Versatile Use 💪
Not just for post-surgery, it's also perfect for deworming, treating skin issues, and even during grooming.

Adjustable Strap 💊
The cone comes with a flexible, adjustable strap to ensure a snug fit for cats of all sizes. No more worrying about the cone slipping off or being too tight; simply adjust for a secure, comfortable fit.

Lightweight Comfort ☁

Weighing just 4oz, this cone won't bother your cat, allowing them to eat, drink, and play as usual.

Soft & Waterproof 💦
Made with a soft, waterproof material that doubles as a comfy pillow for your cat.

  1. Get a soft tape measure or a string and ruler.

  2. Wait for a calm moment and have your cat sit or stand.

  3. Wrap the tape or string around your cat's neck where the collar will go. Make sure two fingers can fit between the tape and the neck.

  4. Write down the measurement and add an extra inch for comfort.

  5. Check the Supercle Cat Recovery Collar size chart and pick your size. Don't forget, it has an adjustable strap for a perfect fit.

Recommended size for a perfect fit

Neck Diameter: 5.1"-8.7" / 13-22 cm
Weight: 3-6 pounds / 1.4-2.7 kg

Neck Diameter: 7"-10.6" / 17-27 cm
Weight: 6-9 pounds / 2.7-4.0 kg

Neck Diameter: 7.9"-12.6" / 20-32 cm
Weight: 9-14 pounds / 4-6.4 kg


*Disclaimer: Our sizing suggestions are just a guide. Please measure your pet's neck to ensure a good fit. Individual results may vary.

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